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Experience your holiday dreams with Special Adventure.

We will whisk you away to the last natural paradises left on this earth. Individually or in small groups.

Special Adventure is specialized in off-road trips, incentive trips, adventure trips, expeditions, customized adventure tours, survival training and expeditions, cruises, discovery trips, safaris, photographic trips as well as events and incentives.

Nature trips, discovery trips, off-road trips, 4×4 raids, adventure trips, customized adventure tours and expeditions, survival training, hiking trips, photographic trips, trekking trips, expeditions, cruises, 4×4 off-road trips, incentive trips, team building measures as well as events and incentives.



med con team

We see ourselves as physicians who care for patients thousands of miles away. We ensure the best medical care on the highest standard, including a perfect infrastructure.
Main supply measures are rapid emergency care (SOS-Call.eu, localization, communication with doctors) and Treatment (control of the treating physicians, relocations) and prevention (audits, risk management).

With us you get the quality medical care that you want to have by your doctor of confidence.

Our name illustrates our philosophy:

  • med: Focus on internationally recognized medicine
  • con: Consultant from the German “Konsiliararzt – Consulting Doctor” which supports the treating doctor.

team: Only a well-functioning global team can work out the complex processes smoothly





Coordination, organization and performance of services in the emergency medical field and aviation.

  • Ambulance flights worldwide and intensive care transports
  • Medical escorts on scheduled flights (sitting cases, stretcher, PTC)
  • Medical VIP-care, medical service
  • Emergency medical further trainings and professional formation

Aeronautical consulting



Medical Services Weimann offers capacious services in the emergency medicine sector, going from consulting services to training courses.

Education and further training, Freelance & Consulting, leasing of training material



Jochen Schuppener (Brückenbauer)

Reflecting is connecting!

  •     Cross-cultural consulting
  •     Teams Management Systems Consulting
  •     Consulting for expats

Psychological consulting



The IAFCCP Germany is the German chapter of the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics (IAFCCP, formerly known as IAFP) from the USA and offers the internationally recognized professional further trainings for the certification as a Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C), as Flight Paramedic (FP-C) and as Tactical Paramedic (TP-C). Both examinations have been developed by the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC) which is also responsible for the administration and the supervision of the exams.