The Certified Flight Paramedic Certification/Critical Care Paramedic Certification is a license from the USA, specially intended for personnel working in the air rescue and in intensive care transports.

The examinations consist of 135 questions from the various sections of the emergency and intensive care medicine and of the aeronautical area (only FP-C). However, the profound knowledge gained during the preparation course is also useful for each member of the rescue service.

During the three-day preparation course, you will be coached by colleagues that have already successfully mastered this exam to be intensively prepared for this examination in all examination subjects.

As this topic is going far beyond the knowledge provided in the common rescue service curriculum, it is useful to have several years of professional experience and further training beside the completed professional qualification. Even if you have not to manage an IABP in your daily service for example, this will be part of the examination.

In the USA, this examination has meanwhile become a standard training for the personnel of this field and is gaining more and more worldwide recognition (for example in the USA, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland).

The FP-C examination is not a HEMS Crew Member formation and cannot be regarded as an introductory qualification or “springboard” for the air rescue service. The specific content surpasses the normal state of knowledge of a rescue service member. This is the reason why personal motivation and interest in international rescue service systems is a prerequisite beside the several years of professional experience in order to be adequately prepared for the examination. (IAFCCP Germany, 2014)