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Your competence is our main concern. We prepare you or your team for the special requirements which you have to set yourselves. Have a look at our offers – there is sure to be something for you! Our training staff and partners are specialists and have many years of experience in your field. The quality of our employees is also shaped by experience and activity in the international medical field and by cooperation with international institutions.


Do you have to plan a project and have a large number of unresolved questions? Questions from the medical field, regarding personnel matters, medical material and equipment? Or do you need life-saving appliances? MRS is your contact person.
Safety concepts

Do you or your employees have to travel abroad? Daily life is dominated by reports about crimes against foreigners, industrial catastrophes, natural disasters and large-scale emergencies. Have a chat with us – we would be happy to work with you to come up with a solution.

Training concepts

Do you want your staff to acquire more qualifications or to broaden their specialist knowledge? MRS International would be happy to support you with the development of individual training plans and concepts

International rescue service

Are you planning on establishing, extending or – where necessary – restructuring an international rescue service? Are you looking for new training and further education concepts for your employees? Or are you intending to widen your rescue service to other departments or to extend the existing service in a department?
The MRS International team would be happy to work with you to come up with a solution tailored to your plans.


Are you organizing a company celebration, a large event or another event and have questions about medical cover? Have a chat with us.
MRS International would be happy to come up with a concept to meet your needs.


Heartsaver CPR AED

CPR skills (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for patients of all ages (including airway management with an aspirator, a resuscitation bag with mask, and oxygen) and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) are taught in the BLS provider training course.

Intensive care transport

The economically necessary changes to clinical structures also bring about an increasing specialization of hospitals. The ever-improving intensive care treatment methods also increasingly require an appropriate method of transport of these patients – not overly common for the rescue service – to an intensive care institution.

AHA Health Care Provider

The first few minutes after the occurrence of a cardiac arrest are crucial for survival. After finding, the first-aider checks the vital functions and starts, if necessary, with the reanimation. The first-aiders play the central role in the chain of survival: surviving without subsequent damage.

Shock room management

Taking care of a seriously injured person in the emergency room is a challenge for each crew member, as the general textbook knowledge concerning diagnostics and therapy of individual injuries is by far insufficient.


The Certified Flight Paramedic Certification/Critical Care Paramedic Certification is a license from the USA, specially intended for personnel working in the air rescue and in intensive care transports.


Ambulance flight

More and more physicians and medical assistance personnel are working in the medical travelling assistance or the ambulance flight service beside their usual main occupation. We have developed this training course especially for this category of persons in order to offer a basis for their work and at the same time some degree of security for the work abroad.

AHA Refresher

Only with regular training and continuous repetitions can you remain properly prepared for suddenly occurring emergencies.

In the refresher courses, existing knowledge is reinforced and refreshed and personal coping skills in emergency situations are enhanced.



The PEARS training course of the AHA is intended for all persons of the medical section dealing with pediatric patients without needing the profound knowledge of a PALS course.



The PALS provider course (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) is a training course specially developed for medical professionals to ensure that they are able to lead or be involved in pediatric interventions, both in and out of hospital.


The ACLS provider course (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) is a training course specially developed for medical professionals to ensure that they are able to lead or be involved in cardiovascular interventions, both in and out of hospital.




Robert Konrad has more than 25 years of experience in the national and international (aero) emergency medical service. Parallel to his graduation as a paramedic, he also has further certificates as Flight-Critical-Care-Paramedic from Australia, as Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C) and as Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) of the USA. Furthermore, he has gained experience as a trainer in emergency medicine since 1996. His international operations for the UN in Sudan as a flight paramedic and as base manager, as a Critical Care Paramedic on a ICU Helicopter from EULEX Kosovo or as crew member on the rescue helicopter in Ghana as well as diverse humanitarian care operations for example during the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Haiti underline his competences as an expert. After the earthquake in Haiti, he had responsibility as operation manager and as paramedic on the unique German rescue helicopter allowing him to extend his international network and operational experience. Due to his performances in the international intensive flights and medical escorts, he can put his experiences into practice in the intensive medical care section since 2006. He gained further experience during operations in the following sections of different German and Swiss hospitals offering maximum medical care: anesthesia, interdisciplinary intensive care unit, emergency unit. Since October 2010, Robert Konrad is extending his qualifications in the scope of his studies of Civil Protection and will probably graduate in September 2013 as a B.A. Emergency Management Practitioner.


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